Chris’s Fans

Men really like Chris.  He bought chicken breasts today at the ice cream / grocery store on our way home from work and a guy in line behind him said something like, “Wow, I should start eating those chicken breasts so I can look like you!  Yeah, those chicken breasts must work.”  What are you supposed to say to that?

Braum's chicken breasts

Yes, these chicken breasts alone stimulate Chris’s muscle growth.

I would write this off as an isolated incident if it was an isolated incident.  But at the gym, guys frequently introduce themselves to him too.  A typical gym encounter is as follows:

Random young man at gym:  “Wow! Your muscles look good!  I noticed you’re squatting and dead-lifting.  I do exclusively calf raises and biceps curls myself.  What supplement do I take to get bigger?”

Chris:  “Maybe focus on training more parts of your body first.”

Random young man at gym:  “Yeah, I tried that once.  It was hard.  So, branch chain aminos every 6 minutes followed by twice a day beta-alanine boluses?  Think that’ll do it?”

And so on.

The strangest time Chris’s muscles were commented on publicly was at Walmart.  Chris was carrying two gallons of milk back to our shopping cart and as he walked from the refrigerator to our cart, an older gentleman said, “Wow!  Bet you need to drink all that milk to grow those great biceps!”  This wasn’t that strange a thing to say except that it was accompanied by a grab and light massage of Chris’s left biceps.  How are you supposed to react to something like that?

The muscle and there maker

The muscles and their maker (well, according to the biceps-grabbing older gentleman at Walmart)

It’s weird.  The whole thing is weird.  Is this a normal thing to comment on a stranger’s muscularity and to make inferences that the product he is currently purchasing has caused said muscularity?  Does this happen to all bodybuilders?  Why do people seem to think this is normal social behavior??  What would happen if I went up to a random woman in Walmart and commented on her purchases, “yeah, so, those apples you’re buying, they made your knees protrude like that?” Yep, it’s weird.

3 thoughts on “Chris’s Fans

  1. Grant

    As to the grabbing-people-in-public thing, all of my heavily inked friends have the same issue at one point or another: People see their tattoos, feel they must make a comment, and at the same time also feel the need to massage said tattoos while remarking how cool/nice/detailed/not-infected they look.

    Somehow, somewhere, this is related to human nature/evolution. We need Jeremy to confirm.

  2. Alina Joaca-Bine

    It’s called human interaction. It became rare nowadays. I like it as long as it is not offending. Moreover, in Chris’ case, it is a compliment. However, I do understand that’s kinda funny when people think that only one thing like the milk make those awesome muscles; when in fact it is a complex, multi-contributors process.
    Lindy, I like the blog. Nice job!

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