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The Meet

Last Saturday (not yesterday), Chris competed in his powerlifting meet.  His goal weight was 205 lbs.  He weighed in Saturday at 199 lbs.  The secret diet that morphed into a “waffles and cheesecake are okay” diet worked.  I am positive that this diet would work for no one else and that Chris has conscious control of his metabolism.  Were neurologists to study him, they would discover, for the first time ever, the unique CF tract of the spinal cord running between the cerebral cortex and all adipocytes; only Chris possesses this tract.

Chris was happy with the results of the meet as well as with meeting his desired body weight.  His total weight lifted divided by body weight was the best he’d ever done.  I was happy with the meet as the organizers brilliantly decided the women would lift in the morning and the men would lift in the afternoon so Chris’s part of the meet only took about four hours (as opposed to the all day affair meets usually are).

Now that meet training is over, Chris has found a new focus in life:  he bought an accelerometer to clip to his arm when he lifts.  (In my initial writing of this post, I wrote:  “to clip to the bar when he lifts.”  This error so bothered Chris that, without speaking, he ran into the other room, strapped on his accelerometer –called a PushBand– and demanded we photograph his forearm.)

This PushBand is going to revolutionize his training I am told.  It does sound interesting; he’ll base his training around bar speed rather than rating of perceived exertion or weight lifted.  He ordered the accelerometer the day after the meet but it just arrived  yesterday so I can’t report on how it’s working yet.  His other post-meet purchase was some blood flow restriction cuffs. He’s hoping to use these to rehab various upper body parts that were stressed during this past training cycle.  These haven’t arrived yet so I wasn’t forced to photograph them.

And that’s the update.

Chris, waiting to lift. November 7th, 2015.

Chris, waiting to lift. November 7th, 2015.

It's on his ARM.

The accelerometer that is on his ARM, not the bar.