What is this blog about?

This blog was initially dedicated to the fascinating natural bodybuilding lifestyle of my husband, Chris. This blog started as he began preparing for a bodybuilding competition and followed him through the competition and afterwards.

After two years of blog-neglect, I decided to post again.  Chris is no longer dieting or recovering for a bodybuilding show and is, in fact, focusing on powerlifting these days.  However, I think I can still get some good blog fodder from him as he still has a lovable weight-lifting obsession.

Why should we believe his lifestyle is fascinating?

Just read the blog and you’ll see.

Is this blog interesting for those who already know about bodybuilding/lifting?

It should be.  You know about bodybuilding and lifting but do you know how your significant other really reacts to those mildy OCD habits of yours?  Read and discover.

Why did you use the word “natural” to describe the lifestyle?

“Natural” means he does not use performance-enhancing drugs and he competes in natural organizations where he could be drug-tested.  The fascinating part of his lifestyle thus has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of drug-induced craze you may be imagining.  His muscles are big because he works hard and eats well.

Why are you writing this and not Chris?

As a non-bodybuilder who has intimately witnessed the bodybuilding contest preparation process several times, I felt uniquely poised to share his prep are recovery with the world.  As this blog moves into it’s current non-bodybuilding but still Chris obsessing about weights/muscles/technique/food phase, I think I still offer some good perspective :)

Does Chris know you are doing this?


And he’s ok with it?

Yes.  He reads every entry and encouraged me to start posting again.

This blog seems very anecdotal.  Have you ever studied Chris’s bodybuilding contest preparation and recovery in a scientific case study?

Why yes I have.  The last time Chris prepared for a bodybuilding show, I conducted an official research-board approved scientific case study on him that will be published in March 2014 in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.  If you’re ancy to hear about it, here’s a link to the abstract, a “jock-lingo” (but fun) article about the study, and a podcast of me being interviewed about it.  This blog is meant to track Chris’s contest prep and recovery in a new, anecdotal way.

Isn’t it kind of weird of you to publish a scientific case study on your husband and then to write a blog about him?


Thanks, just making sure you knew.

No problem.

Is that all the information we can get from this “about” page?

That’s it for now.  If you feel there’s a key “about” issue that I did not address, you can let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. justin

    Hi Lindy, im so glad i found your blog :) I first heard your interview on Rx muscle college radio and found your study material fascinating. So i thought i would head over to your blog to find more interesting subjects, its great and refreshing to have your light hearted humour to help make me feel not so alien in a world where everybody seems to see what i do as absurd! But mostly as im a male bodybuilder (and natural too) i thought it would be great to show your blog to my wife as i feel she would totally sympathise with your view points. Plus i guess its good for me to realise that my wife is not alone in her occasional frustrations and or slight embarressment of me taking a cooler bag of food everywhere we go! So thanks for sharing this wonderful blog and also helping me maintain a better perspective on life with a bodybuilder. Many thanks again, and wishing you health and happiness for the future! :)

    1. Lindy Post author

      Thank you Justin for such a kind comment! I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about the study and are enjoying the blog. “Slight embarrassment of me taking a cooler bag of food everywhere” makes me laugh – yep, that’s what you guys do :) I’ll be sure to post on the blog when the full text of the study finally comes out (not until March 2014 supposedly).


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