Big Man on a Flight

Chris and I spent yesterday traveling to Indiana.  Chris is doing very well with the traveling-induced schedule disturbances.  Honestly, aside from sneaking away occasionally to do some macro calculations and eating large amounts of protein bars instead of meals of food, Chris has been an admirably inconspicuous bodybuilder and a delightfully cheery traveler.

An example of his inconspicuousness and good cheer:

Yesterday, on our flight out of Oklahoma City, when Chris asked the flight attendant for coffee with Splenda, she brought him coffee with sugar that she had already mixed in.  

Flight Attendant:  “We were out of Splenda so I just mixed in some sugar.  That ok?”  

Chris (in my mind what I thought he’d say, or that he was at least thinking, when I heard her say this):  “Yarrrrg!! I AM A DIETING BODYBUILDER!! I HAVE MACROS TO MEET!!  HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY BE OK THAT YOU SUBSTITUTED SUGAR FOR A NON-CALORIC SWEETENER??!!  For real?!  AHHHHHH!!!”

Chris (what he really said):  “Ok. Thanks.”

He then looked sadly at the now obviously undrinkable cup of coffee and dumped the full cup, with care and not vengeance, in her collector bag when she came back.  Calm, cool, and collected.  (Luckily, Chris did not remain coffee-less for long as we were flying from Oklahoma City to Indianapolis by way of Denver, of course, and, on our next flight, the flight attendant brought correctly sweetened coffee).

coffee on plane

Hooray!  Correctly Sweetened Coffee!

As long as we’re on the topic of our flights, I must mention that, while I love Chris and want to be near him while traveling, sitting next to him on an airplane is a pain in the butt for the two reasons pictured below:

shoulder on plane

The large bodybuilder shoulder that protrudes onto my seat

knee on plane

The large bodybuilder knee that rests in my space

I know he’s not big for malicious reasons but I still find myself sitting on the plane resenting that he can’t retract those large body parts into a turtle-like shell or something.  I do like sitting next to his large forearms.  When I’m scared, having a large forearm to grab onto is the best.  The flight to Denver was horrifically bumpy and I grabbed that forearm with all my might.

chris and almonds

This is a picture I took a few days ago of Chris counting out exactly 24 almonds to eat as a snack. It also shows the massiveness of the massive forearms.

For the next few days, travel-induced schedule disturbances will surely continue, but hopefully Chris will remain a cheery traveler and I will have more enjoyable experiences with my wonderfully extra large, massively forearmed, traveling companion.


2 thoughts on “Big Man on a Flight

  1. Lindy's dad

    No crowding problem here that a couple of first-class tickets (or a third seat–empty–on Southwest) wouldn’t solve. Money has its advantages.

    1. Lindy Post author

      What a great wedding present idea! First class tickets for Chris for life! …. :)

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