Contest Prep Day 2: Ice Cream, Eggs, and Tornadoes

Chris and Jeremy at Braum's

Chris not eating ice cream at the ice cream store

To celebrate tornadoes missing Norman (where we live) last night, we went to Braum’s, the previously mentioned grocery / ice cream store where Chris had gone earlier in the day to pick up non-ice cream products.  As last night we went there to eat non-non-ice cream products (= ice cream), Chris just came to hang out.  I find it amazing that he is ok with watching other people eat ice cream.  He’s even smiling in the picture.

After ice cream, back at home, Chris pulled a few more things out of the refrigerator to read at his desk.  He told me that he’s getting back into cottage cheese.  He used to be really into cottage cheese.  Then he quit.  Now apparently he’s back.  Cottage cheese habits must be hard to break.

Chris at his desk reading cottage cheese labels

Reading the cottage cheese

Along with cottage cheese and the previously pictured fruits and meats, eggs will be a key staple of Chris’s diet.  You haven’t really seen eggs in a refrigerator until you’ve seen eggs in our refrigerator.  (You might even call it an egg-stravaganza…).


contents of our refrigerator

The contents of our refrigerator. It’s Egg-stordinary!

Yep, that’s nine 18-packs.

I saw this really neat photo series the other day showing people from around the world surrounded by all the food they eat in a week.  Imagine if I could get Chris to pose for a picture with his weekly food…flexing in his posing trunks surrounded by 162 eggs…  maybe in a future blog post…  and probably only if I don’t let him read this post and uncover my plan…

Ok so now I have to write about today’s tornado.  The first sirens went off while Chris and I were teaching a class together.  We had to stop class and move everyone into the building’s safe area. The next siren went off on our (very speedy) walk back from class.  Once I got to our lab, I ran to the basement and Chris ran to our upstairs office, right near the large fully glass door, to microwave his oatmeal.  (Full disclosure so Chris does not appear as stupid as I just made him sound:  the tornadoes were clearly not headed towards us by that point).  As I gathered with others in the basement to watch the news coverage of the tornadoes, we repeatedly texted Chris to get down there, and after 5-7 minutes, once the oatmeal was nicely cooked and the double chocolate whey was mixed in, he joined us in the basement.


Watching the news. Note Chris in back with tupperware of oatmeal.

Chris and Oatmeal up close

Chris and Oatmeal up close

The tornado ripped through Moore (just north of us) and there were rumblings that more bad weather was headed for us.  Thus, at my ardent urging, and (likely most influentially) due to the fact that the gym was probably closed as they were not answering their phones, Chris skipped his workout tonight.  To skip his workout on Day 2 of the diet was something that I thought would send him into chaotic-diet-panic mode but, admirably, and to my relief, he was cool and accepting.  He even said something like, “well, I guess I’ll just have to miss it.”  Not a hint of stress.  Wow.  After making it through today, maybe we will be able to weather the aforementioned storms of life ahead of us (yep, best play on words ever!)…

Calmly accepting the revision to the day's workout plan.

Calmly accepting the revision to the day’s workout plan.

I should just end this post now after that killer closing line there, but I can’t not post this next picture.  The weather last night and today was stressful and scary.  Below is how Chris and our good friend Jeremy (who was also pictured above with the non-non-ice cream product) unwound.

Chris, PhD, and Jeremy, PhDc, unwinding from a stressful day by sticking blades of grass into ant hills outside the lab

Chris, PhD, and Jeremy, PhDc, unwinding from a stressful day by sticking blades of grass into ant hills outside the lab

And that’s it for today.  Thanks for reading.  I like comments if you want to leave one!



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  1. Lindy's dad

    How does Chris fix the eggs? Same way every time? Fried or scrambled? Cheese added? Just wondering if he has to vary it, so that he doesn’t get sick of so much of the same food.

    1. Lindy Post author

      “They can be scrambled, in omelet form, or over-easy. Over-easy is the most common consumption form as it’s the easiest.” -Chris (Pre-diet he put cheese in them regularly. Also, Chris doesn’t easily get sick of any one food).

  2. villouta

    Is this blog a viral campaing for a TV series I want to be watching right now?

    Do I want to be Showtime or HBO or AMC and option this blog right now? Yes.

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