This morning Chris sent me pictures from Florida (where he is visiting his parents this week):


Chris’s parents’ refrigerator


Close-up of the cottage cheese and yogurt tubs


Frozen vegetable takeover! 

I know, people are always going on trips to Florida and sending pictures of their refrigerated protein sources and frozen vegetables.  And the pictures look just like the postcards.  Geez.

The night Chris arrived in Florida, he sent me the following text:

Chris:  “At parents.  Eating a full lb of cot cheese.”

Travel does not disrupt the lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Molly

    What does Chris eat if his flight gets delayed and he’s stuck in the airport? Does he have a plan?

    1. Lindy Post author

      He brings multiple boxes of protein bars in his carry-on. When I was traveling with him, he could also use my smart phone to look up nutrition information for chain food places in the airport and could fit that in.

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