Friday of Peak Week (Part II)

Alright, so Chris has taken his polygraph (to verify that he is “drug-free”) at the local Holiday Inn and he has received his giant bag of t-shirts and stuff from the show promoters.


We’ve been to the boardwalk by the beach.


We checked out the venue.


And we went to another beach.


Also, we watched Jeremy eat things.


Dunkin’ Donuts


And a milkshake.

It’s been a good day.  Chris is calm and focused.  Well, right now I think he might be asleep in the chair across from me, but, overall, he’s been focused.

We’re all ready for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Friday of Peak Week (Part II)

  1. Grant

    Chris, good luck! Lindy, good luck with the aftermath! Jeremy, keep eating tempting food in front of Chris!

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