This sign scared us.



Um, where is the ice going to fall from?  Should we be scared, like right now?  Should I not look up?

This sign was outside the mountainside condo that we were considering renting.  As there was no sign indicating that ice would fall on us outside of the ancient baby carriage factory, that is where we will live.

“What has Chris been eating while you guys have been driving all over central MA checking out apartments and gyms?” -you say.  I’m glad you asked.


Yogurt in the car outside one possible residence


Yogurt in the car outside a possible gym

The yogurt, protein bar, and almond-filled cooler comes everywhere with us.

Today we went hiking. “We” means Chris, Lindy, and Cooler.


Rambo style!.

Hiking was rough for Chris.  He had promised me we’d go hiking today and I think he really did think he wanted to hike when we left this morning.  Unfortunately, his body fiercely rebelled against doing extra physical work in its calorie deprived and exhausted-from-squatting-last-night state.  And the hilliness, rockiness, and unevenness of the trails we were on didn’t help things.


Carry me?


“I am so tired that I just plopped down on this rock.  Is there a beautiful view just behind me?  There is?  I don’t care. Too exhausted to turn around.” -Chris

The man is considering joining a gym that looks like this:


Is this “Bad Ass” or “Terrifying?”

But walking through the woods is too much.

I mock him lovingly.  I do understand his situation.  He always works his butt off in the gym; he never deviates from his diet plan; he doesn’t sleep very much, and he is so lean right now that veins stick out all over him.  In this state, hiking would be a bit harder than normal I suppose…  So why does Chris agree to do things like this with me, knowing the activity will decimate him?  Well, 1) because he enjoys pushing limits (remember Durkin) and 2) because he loves me and has told me repeatedly that he doesn’t want his contest prep to get in the way of us having fun together.

Chris, you’re pretty awesome.