Indianapolis – Part I

Today begins a series of retrospective posts chronicling our adventures in Indianapolis.  I’ve decided to organize these posts by topic rather than by day as several key themes emerged throughout our trip.

Today’s Topic:  The Chris Fahs Note Card Organizational System

Before we left for Indiana, Chris explained to me his ingenious macronutrient-recording organizational system that I could look forward to watching him use on our trip.

At the heart of this system are The Note Cards.

The Note Cards live in a large black folder that also contains nutritional goals for the day.  There was one Note Card assigned to each day that we would be gone.

Chris with A Note Card and the Black Folder

Chris, post-meal, with a Note Card and the Black Folder

“What are The Note Cards for?” you ask.  “Doesn’t Chris have a great macro-recording organizational system already, using Excel, as shown in a screenshot in a previous post?”

Yes, yes he does.  However, using the Excel system as the lone macro-recording system is only effective when Chris is consuming his standard foods (such as eggs and delectable protein-peanut butter-oatmeal mush). With traveling, a field-data-collection system of macronutrient recording becomes necessary. Foods with unknown macros must be quickly identified, analyzed*, and then instantly recorded. As these are foreign foods (things like “fruit cups” and “chicken sandwiches”), their nutrient content must be recorded instantly lest a side pickle or squirt of ketchup be forgotten in a later recollection.

(* “Analysis” meant yoinking my smart phone and looking up nutrition info.  This method of instant analysis had the added benefit of eliminating my only method of entertainment post-meal while I waited on Chris and The Note Card system).

Chris with fork

In the rare case where a restaurant supplied paper copies of nutrition info, use of my phone was not necessary. I like that Chris is still holding his fork as he looks up foods. No time to set down the fork! Must discover macros NOW!

The Chris Fahs Note Card Organizational System was also used (only once to my knowledge) for meal planning, as well as the aforementioned post-meal recording, purposes. The last night we were in Indianapolis, it was decided during the afternoon that we would eat dinner at PF Changs.  Chris wrote the names and macros of four meals on The Note Card and brought The Note Card with him to the restaurant.  It was unclear why he picked four meals as, disappointingly, he only ate one meal at dinner, but it was very fun for him to already have that meal’s macros determined.

Although usually, throughout the week, The Note Cards remained in the black folder, occasionally, A Note Card was transported in Chris’s breast pocket, pocket-square style.  (What’s a “pocket square?” Info here:  No, of course I didn’t google “men’s handkerchief breast pocket thing” and stumble across this page to find the name “pocket square“).  

There's The Note Card!

There’s The Note Card!  Clearly, Chris loves the attention.

Now I know the question you are all now desperately wondering:  “What did he DO with The Note Cards after writing on them?”  The final step in the Chris Fahs Note Card Organizational System was to enter the information from The Note Cards into his master Excel spreadsheet to join all the other calculated macros in happy number world.

WOW.  What. A. System.  Crazy brilliant.

I end this post with a few final pictures of Chris and The Note Cards.

Chris, waiting for a talk to start, recording the last macros consumed.

Chris, waiting for a talk to start, recording the last macros consumed.


Chris, focused, at Panera, Note Card in hand.

Chris, focused, at Panera, Note Card in hand.


Yep, I've got a Note Card in my pocket. - Chris

Yep, I’ve got a Note Card in my pocket…and I’m awesome – Chris



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    This is awesome Lindy. Love seeing the adventure that is living with Dr. Fahs

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