Monday of Peak Week

Peak week continues!  Chris was very excited about today being his last day of high-intensity intervals before the show.  Also, he ate 11.5 servings of oatmeal.  Things get weird during peak week.

Chris has planned out exactly what he will eat for every meal including on Saturday, the day of the show.


Note what is highlighted and exclamation marked.  This is the yearned for post-contest meal.  Is Chris taking a chance that maybe there will not be wings nearby where he is competing?  No, no he is not.  Post-contest, we will go here:


And this is what the menu looks like:


And yes Chris sent me screenshots of these just to make sure I know the plan and do not even think about trying to suggest that we go somewhere else as he will be dreaming about these wings all week.

In other news, Chris told me last night that his least favorite part of peak week is shaving his legs all week.  He explained that there are lots of tendons and ankle bones and bumps that are hard to shave over.  He said that it is hard to tell if you’ve shaved effectively on the back of your legs.  To which I say:  Really Chris?  Leg shaving is a pain in the butt?  For one whole week?  Wow, you must suffer.  Imagine if societal standards for your gender had strongly suggested that you must shave your entire legs during every single week since you were in middle school or else face the disgust of your peers and possible ostracism.  Hmm?  Yeah, but one week is tough.

His legs are exceptionally bumpy right now.  Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I don’t think in any time between my early leg shaving days of middle school and now have my legs ever looked like this:


For real folks, that’s Chris’s leg

All those sticky-outy veins are desirable for bodybuilders.  I almost can’t look at them.  I’m ready for him to put some fat back on that body and cover those creepy things.  Veins should be an inside body part.

And those are the highlights from Monday of peak week.

3 thoughts on “Monday of Peak Week

  1. Grace

    Well if he ever got drug tested they wouldn’t have a problem finding veins, or blood drawn. Phlebotomy students would love him!

    1. Lindy Post author

      Actual, because his veins are so different from the norm, sometimes people have trouble drawing blood from him!

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