In my last post, I wrote about how we no longer have cable and thus this fall will be gloriously football free.  To kick off this football-free fall, Chris and I drove this past weekend to Norman, Oklahoma to watch football.

That's us in Gaylord Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma watching football.  Yes, that really is me there, not a superimposed Lindy image.

That’s us in Gaylord Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma watching football.  Yes, that really is me there, not a superimposed Lindy image.

Ok, so the trip (for me) was really to visit friends and hang out where we went to grad school.  We saw our old department:

I forget that I'm short until I see pictures like this one.

I forget that I’m short until I see pictures like this one.

We went to Braum’s –an amazing, magical place with the most perfect ice cream sundaes ever created:

Carolyn, Robert, Chris, Jeremy

Carolyn, Robert, Chris, Jeremy

Let’s carefully count the people to ice cream ratio in that photo:  in front of Carolyn = 1 milkshake, in front of Robert = 1 milkshake, in front of Jeremy = 1 sundae, near the photographer (me) = 1 sundae, in front of Chris = a coffee.  We drove for EIGHT HOURS to magical ice cream with sentimental value and he got coffee.

You may at this point be thinking, “Oh right, Chris is supposed to be on a no-longer-secret diet to get ready for this powerlifting meet in November!  How’s that going by the way?”  To answer your thought, Chris has lost approximately seven pounds and is doing well.  I will expound upon his current methods in a future post.

Back to our Oklahoma trip.

We stopped TWICE at the newly remodeled Will Rogers rest stop.  Yes, they do sell t-shirts saying “Will Rogers Rest Stop” there!  Will Rogers is a big deal in Oklahoma.  Once, in grad school, I convinced Chris to go to a show featuring a Will Rogers impersonator.  For two hours, the impersonator lassoed things and answered questions in a drawl as if he was really Will Rogers.  It was exactly as exciting as it sounds.  It was so exciting, in fact, that “The Will Rogers impersonator experience” has become our benchmark for bad entertainment decisions. As in, “Wow, that movie wasn’t too good, but at least it wasn’t a Will Rogers impersonator!”  Thus, the fact that there is now a Will Rogers rest stop is pretty tremendous.  (It may have been named this before but all I remembered it as was the big McDonald’s over highway 44 outside of Tulsa; there was definitely no giant Will Rogers statue when we were in grad school).


Look out Chris! Will Rogers is going to lasso you for not liking his impersonator’s show!

On Sunday, Chris once again blamed his high body density on his inability to excel in water sports and got beaten up from a kneeboard:


Chris promises that this injury looks much worse than it actually is.  He is not concerned about it affecting his lifting.  On Sunday I also sustained a mild water-sports injury when I fell feet-first while water-skiing; I was moving rapidly in one direction and the water was resisting my movement in that direction forcefully and well, I basically experienced a high-intensity lake-water enema.  I don’t think I’ll post a photo of my affected region.

And those were the highlights of our Oklahoma weekend.


Jeremy and Chris watching their beloved Sooners.  Awwww.