Our Saturday

This morning, before I ate breakfast, Chris asked me to take “progress pics” of him flexing in his boxers.  I said, “No, I need to eat breakfast.”  Then, I ate breakfast.

Following breakfast, I took 4 photographs of him as he flexed in 4 different positions.  He takes these pictures to track his progress.  The photos are below:

Week 1 - May 25

Week 1 – May 25

Week 1 - May 25

Week 1 – May 25

Week 1 - May 25

Week 1 – May 25

Week 1 - May 25

Week 1 – May 25

He weights 213 right now.  This is down 7 pounds from last Sunday morning.  (Don’t worry; he’s not planning on losing 7 pounds per week; it’s just the first week and more week loss the first week sometimes happens).

Now, a business note:  I am working on setting up a photo gallery page where all his progress photos from each week will be displayed.  You can access it now, but his head is cut off in the thumbnails and you have to click on each picture to see the full image.  I am tired of troubleshooting and trying different wordpress plugins for today though so that’s what it’s going to look like until I get re-motivated to mess with things again.  (Anyone know what plugin I need to install?  This is a wordpress.org site).

But back to the fun stuff.  What you see in those pictures are the “quarter turns” in “relaxed positions” which are things bodybuilders are asked to do when they compete.  “Relaxed,” as best I can interpret it, in the bodybuilding posing world, means “not relaxed at all but not in a specific flexing position.”  (Specific flexing positions are like an isometric dance move.  Some examples of specific flexing positions are “front double biceps” in which the bodybuilder faces you and flexes both of his biceps and “rear lat spread” in which the bodybuilder shows his back and makes his upper back flare out so it looks like he has wings).  The quarter turns are turns of 90 degrees that are performed so the judges can see all sides of the bodybuilder.

Later today, we went shopping for dress shirts for Chris.

Chris trying on a shirt

Fits perfectly!


Looking good!


Yep, just how it’s supposed to fit.

As not a single XL shirt in the store could handle his shoulders, we gave up and went home.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Indiana for some professional conferences so right now Chris is packing.  I packed my black Samsonite suitcase.  Chris is bringing what we refer to lovingly as “Green Monster.”

Green Monster

Green Monster

At least Green Monster makes baggage claim easy.  No checking the name tag on this guy!

As a traveling bodybuilder in contest prep mode, Chris has become rather high maintenance and has a lot to bring so he’s actually bringing both Green Monster and Standard Black Bag (seen below).  Among other things, he’s packed his food scale, his body weight scale, workout and food plan, and a few protein bars.

protein bars in a bag

A few protein bars.

This should be fun.




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  1. Drew

    I am glad that Chris has not stopped naming things (ie. Green Monster). We had named numerous things throughout college and now I miss naming things. Also, I need to gain 50 lbs pure muscle, those are the protein bars he eats huh? Worth a try.

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