Show Day #2

Chris is done dieting!!!  Hooray!!!

He is currently in the shower loofah-ing off the tanner.  He, uncharacteristically, switched his plans and we did not go for wings in Amherst but instead are going to the local Texas Road House.  We are going out to dinner!!! Hooray!!!

Thus, this post is brief.

The show was excellent.  Chris did not place, but he did not expect to place.  He looked better than two weeks ago and came in the best shape possible.  He left contented and really, really thrilled that he can eat anything he wants now.

As a teaser for the upcoming show recap post (which I’ll do in the next few days), here are two pictures from today.

His back looked like this (that’s tanner mixed with sweat bunching up at the top; it’s not some skin disease, don’t worry):


And I wore a t-shirt all day with a picture of him in his posing trunks on it.

IMG_2611 IMG_2579

And that is all I am going to write today because I have to get to a dinner date with my fiance at a restaurant where we are both going to eat food together and we are not going to count its macros and then afterwards both of us may eat ice cream!!!  Hooray!!!!!!!!

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