Show-Day Saturday Recap: Installment Two

Yesterday’s cliffhanger post ended with Chris on stage at prejudging.  We will resume the story of “Saturday Show Day” there.

Following prejudging, Chris had about two hours to hang out in the getting-ready area until it was time for his posing routine.  While waiting, he ate more carbohydrate-rich food and tried to relax without actually sitting down (and thus messing up the tanner and staining things).

Finally, around 12:30 pm, Chris was called on stage.  As you watch this video, and judge Jeremy and I harshly, please keep in mind that, although I was holding the camera in my hand with the “record” light on, we were completely focused on watching Chris, and thus were not thinking one bit about our audio also being recorded.  If you are sensitive, you may want to watch the video on mute. Also, the announcer (not Chris) messed up my name. Here’s it is:

After all the competitors completed their routines, the judges announced the top five competitors.  The top five competitors would definitely go on to compete in two weeks at the natural bodybuilding championship show, the Yorton.  Now here’s the catch:  the judges had told the competitors prior to the Cape Cod show that one of the heavy-weight men had already qualified for the Yorton, and thus, if this man placed in the top 5 at the Cape Cod show, the 6th place contestant would also qualify for the Yorton.

When the judges announced the top 5 competitors, they did not announce if one of these 5 had already qualified and they did not announce who had come in 6th place.

When Jeremy and I reunited with Chris backstage, he was doing the “I’m disappointed but trying to not act disappointed because this was a good experience and now I can eat again and blah blah etc.” and we said he looked amazing on stage and I thought he should have been 5th (because I’m an entirely unbiased judge on where he should have placed) and as we were leaving, Chris said, “I’m going to just check with the judges about where I placed, just in case maybe I did qualify,” and Jeremy and I sat in the back of the auditorium with Chris’s stuff while Chris talked to the judges at their table in the front of the auditorium and Chris must have talked to about 4 judges and was up there for maybe 10 minutes while Jeremy and I stared at them all in angst trying to read the body language to see if the judges were telling Chris, “Nice job, but better luck next time buddy-pal” or if they were saying, “Way to go, Yorton Qualifier!” but we couldn’t figure out anything until this face skipped down the aisle towards us:


Yes, he really did skip.  There was a hop-step in there.  And he had reason to skip-hop-step, because, he had placed 6th, and a guy in the top 5 had already qualified, which meant that Chris also qualified for the Yorton.  That was some intense suspense.  Being with Jeremy, who is not known as the King of Calm, made it all the more crazy.  Seeing the excitement on Chris’s tanner smudged face was awesome.  Experiencing this joy with him was one of my favorite moments of the whole weekend.

And then we went out for wings.


Possible caption:  “The starving coal miner finishes off the bones of a mine squirrel”

And then we went back to my grandpa’s house so he could remove the tanner from his body.

What does a bodybuilder need to remove his tanner?  Why baby oil, a loofah, and towels of course!


Ready for removal!

How does a bodybuilder avoid messing up Lindy’s grandpa’s bathroom?  By showering in the outdoor shower, of course. (It was about 60 degrees out).


Shower time!

What should a bodybuilder do before getting in Lindy’s grandpa’s outdoor shower?  Why, flex in the backyard of course.


Is the next picture of Chris quite possibly my favorite picture of him ever?  Why yes, yes it is (of course)!


“I’m a bodybuilder, in a backyard, in front of this clothesline, and it’s 60 degrees out, and I don’t have any clothes on, and I look like I’m singing!”  -Chris

Once Chris thought the tanner was all off, it wasn’t really all off:


There’s a bit in the center and on the left side of his back.

We stood in the backyard and I rubbed off the rest of his back’s tanner with a towel, and we hoped the neighbors had stayed inside and away from all windows that day.

We ended that triumphant day with a relaxing bonfire on the beach.


And then we ate some of Chris’s Reese’s.  And we noticed, that Chris, in his candy-inexperience, had accidentally bought the “snack size” Reese’s when his pre-contest plan had called for standard sized Reese’s.  Oh Chris.  We’ll have to re-enroll you in candy school so you don’t make foolish mistakes like this one.



And that was show day.  There’s more to tell about the day after show day and what’s to come now with the renewed two weeks of contest prep, but I will save these for a later post.

I want to end with an amazing picture of Chris’s parents in Florida on show day:


Those are ultimate Chris Fahs fans!

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