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Cape Cod

Last week, Chris and I vacationed on Cape Cod.  We stayed at my grandpa’s house where there is food for eating.  Also, Cape Cod has grocery stores.  We DID NOT stay at a reclusive settlement in the woods where this is no civilization or access to nourishment.  I mention this because Chris packed the following:


Protein Bar Cooler (SEVEN boxes!)


Yogurt and Chicken Cooler (that is a full size cooler jammed with yogurt and chicken)

He also brought a large bag of almonds, an oatmeal cylinder, and peanut butter (not pictured).

After the week was over, Chris said to me, “Hm, I think I only ate Greek yogurt, almonds, chicken, oatmeal, peanut butter, and protein bars all week.”  Yes, hm Chris, wonder how that happened…  (In the interest of accurate reporting, I must write that he did eat broccoli one night but other than that it was a pure sextafood week).

Chris is about 8 weeks away from his competition.  He hasn’t had any more hypoglycemic episodes but he is definitely lacking energy.  On Cape Cod, I like to bike and swim and generally do active things outdoors.  As I like Chris and want to hang out with him, I encouraged (read: pressured) him to do these things with me.

One day we went for a bike ride.  Chris is making me mention that it was a twenty-one mile (emphasis from Chris) bike ride but it was a leisurely ride by some ponds and we took breaks; young children biking near us seemed to be handling the ride just fine.


Looking Good


Riding well…

When we got to a pond near the end of the ride where I was looking forward to swimming, Chris rolled up a towel and proceeded to sleep for 40 minutes.


And crashing.

Later in the week, he did “swim” with me in a pond by flopping around in a bright yellow inner tube.


Chris and large yellow inner tube

He was concerned that the cold water and physical exertion of swimming would exhaust him so he hung out in his tube.

One day we kayaked.  Chris looked awesome kayaking.  Which brought me to a key life question: Did his beauty in a kayak make all his yogurt and lethargy worth it?


Chris, professional kayaker

Along with the activities I made him do outdoors with me, Chris kept up his regular workout schedule and, while he was lacking in energy at times, he never opted out of activity participation and was actually generally very cheerful.  He did tell me though that he is looking forward to going back to Cape Cod when he is not preparing for a contest so he can join me in one of Cape Cod’s other great activities:  ice cream eating.


This is a man who did not eat ice cream on vacation…but who is looking forward to the next vacation when he can :)












So you think you know what high-intensity interval training is…

Today I creepily hovered over Chris with the video camera while he performed high-intensity intervals on the bike.  You haven’t seen intensity until you’ve seen these.

Below I present intervals #1, #3, #5, #7, and #8.  Why watch 5 intervals of a guy on a bike?Because the intensity is impressive and it’s interesting to watch his interval performance over time. Why are videos of all 8 intervals not included? Because you can get the idea well enough from 5.

Be sure to watch each video to the end (they’re short) to see the true face of exhaustion. If you’re only going to skim this post and just want to watch one video, I highly recommend the second to last video in this post, “Interval #7”.

Ok, first interval completed. Seven more to go. (Each interval lasts 20 seconds and is followed by a 1 minute and 40 second “rest” period of light cycling.)

Geez our gym is loud. That one looked a little harder. Quite a bit of cheek breathing going on there. That was interval #3. After the first 4 intervals, Chris takes an additional 2 minutes of light-cycling “rest.” This is planned.

That was interval #5. Nothing like a close-up of the face with a video camera when you want to vomit!

Watch that next time you feel like giving a half-butt effort at the gym. That’s the face of getting results!

And done. He then took a nap right on the machine for the next 25 minutes. Well, no, but you could almost believe that’s what happened next right?  What happened next was a gentle cool down on the bike, stretching, and then a nice drive home from the gym past this wonderful field that has a llama and cows in it.

Quite a workout huh?

After the last interval

After the last interval


The tranquil drive home from the gym past the cow / llama pasture