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A Recap of Show Day #2

Ever since Saturday’s show, the final show that Chris is competing in (for at least 3 years he tells me), Chris has repeatedly told me that he feels like he’s just been let out of prison.  “You don’t know what freedom is until you’ve followed a strict schedule of eating and planning eating and exercising for six months and then suddenly all restrictions are lifted!” says Chris.

Initially this immense feeling of freedom was incredible and joyous and Chris was so excited to be able to not worry about sticking to an eating schedule of specific foods, but this morning, as we were about to leave for work, I encountered him in a near panic muttering to himself in the kitchen.  He said he had been so excited to eat whatever he wanted at work today but now he didn’t know what to choose!  He still wanted to eat food that would make him feel good and be nutritious throughout the day but it had been so long since he’d made food decisions based on hunger and feeling good throughout the day that he was at a loss for what to do!  I calmed him and assured him he could eat a variety of foods and it would be OK and finally he calmed down and packed his lunch box.

When we rehashed this brief food frenzy as we drove into work together, Chris again brought up the “released from prison” analogy and told me that he believes he is now having trouble “reintegrating into society.” You can’t make this stuff up folks.  That’s what he said.  Perhaps we should find a bodybuilder-now-eating-normal-food-quantities-and-variety-and-is-overwhelmed reintegration social worker for him?

So now to recap the events of Saturday.

The day started around 6:30 am with coffee; Chris felt good.



We then drove the hour or so to Amherst and found the venue on the UMass Amherst campus which was in what appeared to be the plant science department.  There was a sign for “Turf-grass physiology” next to where we set down all our stuff.  At one point, a plant professor came down to his lab and when we apologized for being in the way (and Chris being tan and nearly naked and eating rice cakes in his hallway), the professor smiled and said something like, “Oh, we’re used to you people; we see you ever year,” and then he offered to take our picture.  What a nice plant professor!  (I loved the phrase, “you people.”)

A bikini competitor was getting ready in the lab behind Chris.

A bikini competitor was getting ready in the lab behind Chris near the beakers.

Chris went on stage around 11:30 am.  He looked amazing.



However, the other guys on stage looked amazing too.



Chris had the conditioning (meaning he was definitely lean enough), but these guys just had more muscle; they were huge (see pictures below)!  The winner of his class was the champion of West Africa who actually came from West Africa to compete; wow.  (The winner of his class is 2nd from the left in the picture on the right).

IMG_2545 IMG_2543

So look at how massive these guys are and then picture then posing to, in order, “California Gurls,” “Call Me Maybe,” and “Oops, I did it again,” because those were the songs playing the entire time these humungous manly men were out there flexing.  When “Oops, I did it again” came on after those other two songs had just played, I believe I actually laughed out loud. Interestingly, Chris said he hadn’t even noticed the music.

After this time when they compare the competitors side-by-side (called “prejudging”) it was time to hang around and wait for the bikini and figure competitors to finish their posing routines.  As soon as we got back down to our plant lab hallway, a show organizer came and told us we needed to move our stuff to an area of the plant department where there was paper on the walls (to protect against the tanner).  The hallways were pretty crowded with competitors so we got the last choice location which was on a ramp by the door to outside.

Chris is sitting weirdly because he is trying to not get tanner all over things.

Chris is sitting weirdly because he is trying to not get tanner all over things and because the chair is on a slant.

As there wasn’t much to do while waiting for Chris to go back on stage to do his posing routine, I amused myself by taking close-up pictures of his muscles which I think will now become a fun “guess the body part!” feature of this blog.  We can start with the picture below.  Who knows what that is?!


Around 4:30 pm or so, Chris went on stage again and did his posing routine.  Around 5 pm, they announced the top 5 giants (no breath holding for Chris here; we knew he wasn’t placing) and then got ready to leave.  Chris, brilliantly, decided to wipe off most his tanner with a towel this time before getting in the car to drive home.

Somewhat de-tanned

Somewhat de-tanned

Once home, he showered with the loofah and baby oil (and some new “exfoliating gloves” he had found at the store which he told me about very excitedly and with a completely straight face), and then we jubilantly celebrated his ability to eat food at restaurants now by going to Texas Road House for dinner and Friendly’s for dessert.

IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2627 IMG_2629 IMG_2633IMG_2635

That ice cream delight you see if called a “Cone Head” and yes it’s from the kid’s menu and has a smiley face made of Reese’s Pieces on it, but ya know, you diet for 6 months, you get whatever bizarre dessert you crave.  (He did ask the waitress for “an adult sized” Cone Head.)

Also, at Texas Road House, we were given this form with our check:



At the last Texas Road House I went to, in Texas, I was not given one of these…  A bit ominous as winter approaches if you ask me…

To conclude, now that Chris is done dieting, there has been some voiced concern over what will happen to this blog.  Well, he’s still “my bodybuilder” and I still live with him right?  Right now watching him “reintegrate into society” is pretty awesome so I’m going to write about that.  If life with him ever gets boring, the blog will stop, but as long as he’s being his bodybuilder self and giving me things to write about, the blog continues.