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So far, Chris and I really like Massachusetts.  The trees are starting to change colors, the weather is beautiful, our jobs are great, and there are a plethora of hiking options where I can make Chris deplete his last remaining glycogen stores.  We haven’t totally gotten used to the light-turns-green-you-immediately-make-a-left-turn-in-front-of-me thing, but we will adapt; perhaps one day, we will even make left turns in front of on-coming traffic ourselves.

Aside from the drivers, how do we really know we are in MA?

1)  I drank this at my desk at work the other day.


Not only is it Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s official New England Patriots Dunkin’ Donuts.  If I’m drinking this, losing the “r’s” from my speech can’t be too far behind…

2)  This was on our apartment wall the other day.


It’s called a “House Centipede,” it’s 3 inches long with thin speedy legs, and it makes me shudder.  It was too big to squish with a tissue so it lives here now, hidden in the floors or something.  Supposedly they are harmless and actually eat spiders and other bugs, but it’s much too large and frenetic for my liking.  (Wikipedia tells me these are not unique to Massachusetts but, since I had never seen one in my life before moving here, to me they are Massachusetts House Centipedes).

3)  At the professional conference we attended in Maine on Friday, not only did the organizers use the word “wicked” in the conference title, but they also replaced the “i” in “wicked” with a happy lobster.


“I’s” were never (to my knowledge) replaced by happy lobsters in Oklahoma.  In my mid-western developed mind, “wicked” still translates as “evil.” Thus, we appear to have attended the “Evil Sports Medicine Symposium.”  Yarg! Exercise or the happy lobster will get you! And so on.

In this picture Chris was actually chewing food so that’s partly why he looks so weird but also, he’s realllllllly lean.  How lean?” you ask.

Lean enough that last night, the striated glutes arrived.


When evaluating Chris as a person who I am attracted to, I prefer him a bit more human-looking, but, as a bodybuilder, he looks awesome right now.  His butt has never been this striated.  This is gooooood stuff.  27 days now until these glutes go on stage.  According to our Dunkin’-Donuts-caffeinated Massachusetts House Centipede these glutes are “wicked awesome”…