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This morning Chris sent me pictures from Florida (where he is visiting his parents this week):


Chris’s parents’ refrigerator


Close-up of the cottage cheese and yogurt tubs


Frozen vegetable takeover! 

I know, people are always going on trips to Florida and sending pictures of their refrigerated protein sources and frozen vegetables.  And the pictures look just like the postcards.  Geez.

The night Chris arrived in Florida, he sent me the following text:

Chris:  “At parents.  Eating a full lb of cot cheese.”

Travel does not disrupt the lifestyle.

Partying, Baseball Game, and a Refrigerator Update

I went out of town this past weekend and left Chris alone in our apartment.  In the grand tradition of the engaged man left to freedom for a weekend, he partied hard while I was away.

Oh yeah, that's four DVD's from Redbox

Oh yeah, that’s four DVD’s from Redbox

A fifth DVD and Diet Coke (and yes, Chris bodybuilds and also likes to light candles while watching TV)

A fifth DVD and Diet Pepsi (and yes, Chris, the professional bodybuilder, really enjoys a good Yankee candle while watching TV)

What’s really awesome is that he (obviously) took these pictures himself to prove to me how hard he partied

Once before, when I left town for a weekend while Chris was dieting for a different show, he drank two two-liter soda bottles over the weekend and proudly showed me the empty bottles when I returned.  I was relieved to see that he didn’t party that hard this time.

Chris also took a picture to show me the big event of the weekend.  His weight loss is now significant enough that he has had to move his lifting belt in one notch.



I can tell he’s lost weight when I hug him.  It’s like hugging a large, uneven rock.  Washboard abs are attractive but not particularly comfortable to embrace.

Last night we went to a baseball game in Oklahoma City which is maybe 25 minutes away from our apartment.  I brought my purse.  Chris brought this cooler.


Leaving for the game

You can’t bring food or drinks into the game so I was confused about his plan.  Turns out the cooler contained two apples and one large protein bar.  The purpose of the cooler was to keep these foods cool during the brief car ride in my air-conditioned, cool car.  (I guess the cooler was for in case the AC broke?  I don’t always ask questions about things I don’t understand.)  The apples were for consuming on the walk from the parking lot to the stadium and the protein bar was to be put, sneakily, into the shorts pocket and eaten during the second inning.

Eating apple #1 while apple #2 pokes out from its napkin, awaiting devouration

Eating apple #1 while apple #2 pokes out from its napkin, awaiting devouration (it’s a word if I want it to be)


“Yessss, this is my protein bar that I eat.”  -Chris. (You can also see from this picture what a huge deal minor league Monday night baseball games are in Oklahoma City; we were lucky to get tickets!)

I will end this post with another picture of our refrigerator, taken last week, so you can see how things are evolving.  Fage yogurt (which I take credit for introducing him to) has taken center stage on the top shelf.  Also seen are the eggs (don’t worry, there are more on other shelves), packaged meats, and cottage cheeses.


Fage, eggs, and meat


Produce drawer of cottage cheese and apples

It’s an amino acid wonderland.