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Grocery Shopping for Show Day

At 7:49 am today I received an email from Chris with a photo attached:

Chris’s Email:  “I call this picture ‘Grocery Shopping for Show Day!'”



As I read this email, two questions formed:

1)  Really?  All those Reese’s?

2)  You went grocery shopping and were back and composing emails to me at 7:49 am?

When I asked Chris question number one, he explained that yes, he had overbought on the Reese’s but no, it wasn’t out of some delusion of actually eating all of them.  He bought the large pack, because he did not know where in the grocery store they keep the individual candy bars.  Is there a single other person in America who does not know this?!  Ask a 3 year old where the individual candy bars are and he or she can tell you (and will grab some).  Chris has been dieting for way too long.

The answer to question number two was, as expected, that he barely sleeps anymore and was awake at 6 am so he went to the grocery store.  Of course.

To follow up on what I ended with yesterday, yes, Chris just shaved his entire body.  He used the head hair clippers first to get rid of the big hairs on his legs and then followed it up with a once over with the beard razor.  It took him an hour.

And that’s been Sunday with Chris.