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22 Days Out

On Wednesday, Chris was 24 days out from his show.  What’s the significance of 24 days out? Here’s the significance:



See that in the bottom left corner?  It says “O.”  As in, “O days out.”  Chris sent me this screenshot and excitedly declared, “The end is in sight!”  Thank. Goodness.

I gave Chris a new scale for his birthday back in August.  It’s digital and reports weights to the nearest 0.2 lb.  Chris asked for this scale.  Chris said, yes, I can switch body weight scales mid contest prep.  I now see that he has been using it (see “new scale” column) but that he is still weighing himself regularly on his old scale (see “old scale” column).  He had told me previously that he would weigh himself a few times on each scale and calculate the difference as a correction factor to apply when recording his weights, but I guess incorrect-weight paranoia has too strong a hold on the man.  Would the compassionate action be for me to destroy the new scale so he can just go back to using the one scale that he is used to?  I now feel guilty that I gave him a present that encouraged the crazy…  Oops.

In other news, our air conditioning system was turned off on September 15th and cannot be turned on again until June 15th.  Did we not pay the bill?  Did we break the unit?  Noooo.  There is apparently a Massachusetts law requiring landlords to switch air conditioning systems off on September 15th.  A law.  I am not making this up.  Chris and I are very happy about this law.


As Chris stood shirt-lessly by the open window last night trying to catch just a hint of cool air to cool the sweat dripping down his body-fat-depleted chest, we talked jubilantly about how happy we are about this law.  We thought we had everything covered when searching for MA apartments:  we asked about security deposits, crazy ovens in the center of kitchens that were also heaters, parking spaces.  We did not, however, think to ask if there was a state law that would require our air conditioning to be shut off on a predetermined, arbitrary date when it was still hot outside.  What else is going to happen?  Is there a state law that will require us to let in the shivering forest animals this winter?  Is there a state law that we can’t run our refrigerator from October to February?  Probably.  Guess I’ll start building the forest animal shelters in my bedroom…  How ironic that what I most feared here was cold, igloos, and polar bears and now we sit here, mid-September, sweltering.

To end, Chris and I have worked a bit recently on our wedding planning.  We took potential “save the date” pictures when we were on Cape Cod back in August.  Here are two pictures that did not make the cut:


Just like in “Titanic”

lindy and chris outtakes (1 of 5)

I thought we’d agreed to smile.  Maybe Chris is smiling?  We may need to work on the meaning of “smiling” before we take wedding pictures…

22 days until October 12th!




Wedding Planning

According to all bridal magazines and the internet, now is about the time that Chris and I should start doing things so that a wedding ceremony and reception really happen and people really show up for it next May.  We have a site picked out and some other big stuff settled, but the Bridal Magazines and Bridal Websites of Ultimate Knowledge (abbreviated henceforth as “the BMs”) say we now need to do more things.  So many things.

For example, we need to decide on a theme.  I don’t get this.  Isn’t “marriage” the theme?  We need another theme?  Yes, according to the BMs.  Our wedding must be “victorian vintage” or “cherry blossom” or “rustic country style.”  (These are real theme suggestions).

Our theme would have to be something like “exercise physiology” or “lifting weights” or “working in the laboratory” —things that define much of our shared interests and life together.  Now, a “working in the laboratory” themed wedding would be amazing, and “Bride” magazine would certainly feature it, but exercise / lifting translates better into joyful celebration.


Measuring the abdominal fat of my beloved.  Is “Abdominal Fat Assessment” a good wedding theme?

With the lifting / exercise “theme,” I envision some small lifting related decorations.  (My dad suggested mini chocolate dumbbells as favors; please, if you know of or are yourself a mini chocolate dumbbell supplier, we need you.)

Chris envisioned our ceremony corresponding to prejudging at a bodybuilding show, followed by a “cocktail hour” of powerlifting (in which all guests must compete), followed by a “reception” of a  bodybuilding night show.  It’s every girl’s dream.

Me:  “Does everyone have to wear fake tanner?”

Chris:  “Of course everyone wears tanner.”

And that’s why boys generally don’t get to do much of the wedding planning.


Chris, at a show 5 years ago (where everyone wore tanner)

I’ve also had to veto his ideas of us getting married in powerlifting singlets, of serving only plain chicken and rice, of putting a food scale in the buffet line, and of me walking down the aisle to “Indestructible” by Disturbed (Chris:  “But it was the song I posed to at my first bodybuilding show; it’s special!”  Me:  No.)

But I still sort of like the exercise physiology / lifting / exercise themed wedding idea.

So my question to you, dear blog readers, is what would you do to make a wedding exercise physiology / lifting / exercise themed?  For some reason I’m having trouble finding much on this theme in the BMs. (It was probably the big theme last season).

I have no idea if we’ll end up really using this theme or any theme, but I would love to hear any real (or hilarious) suggestions you all may have.  Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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