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Sitting on a Summit

I got another “Chris-eating-yogurt-in-an-unexpected-place” picture today to add to the collection!


Yogurt on a mountain top, ohhh yeah…

After going to another Johnny Appleseed festival -Johnny Appleseed festivals are our thing these days- where we saw a llama and were given free toothbrushes (by a human, not the llama), we sat on the summit of Mount Wachusett for 2 hours this afternoon.


Chris and Llama

“How am I getting Chris to still hike when he is two weeks out from his show?!” you ask.

Um, well, we drove to the top of Mount Wachusett.

And then we sat there.

For two hours.

And we drank large sodas.

Diet large sodas.

But still large sodas.

And we were sitting in Midwestern-college-themed canvas chairs.

And Chris’s shirt said “Boomer Sooner.”

And then Chris busted out the vat of yogurt.

And well, yep, that was the afternoon.

This is Living.

This is Living.

When we entered the park, we had to roll down our car window to pay the $2 parking fee and the park ranger, clearly noticing our youth, capacity for physical exertion, and large sodas asked us, “Hiking or driving?” I muttered to the floor, “um, well…driving,” and he took my $2 and looked away in disgust.

I wanted to yell to him that, much like a newly pregnant woman suffering complications, Chris had a hidden disability; he is a dieting bodybuilder who is two weeks out and he doesn’t have any fat or any glycogen and it’s exciting that he’s even out of the house right now and I promise, really, we did hike this mountain before, and it was nice to hike, but, while we were hiking last time, we saw these other people who were driving and driving looked easy and hiking is hard and when people have no glycogen and no fat, well, that’s when you make the choice to drive up the mountain.  

Also, park ranger, we want to sit on the summit with our Midwestern-college-themed canvas chairs and large sodas and a vat of yogurt.  

But I did not tell the park ranger these things.  I just closed my window quickly and drove up the mountain in shame, watching the hikers sweat their way along the steep grade as I metabolized a single glucose molecule contracting my plantar flexors on the accelerator.  

(In full disclosure, I didn’t feel like hiking today either.  What with the llama and free toothbrush excitement, I was ready to just sit on a mountain summit too).  

On the way home from the mountain, we went through Dunkin’ Donuts drive through where Chris ordered me a “chocolate latte” (known to most people as a “mocha”) and got himself this bag of noncaloric Pumpkin flavored coffee that he has been talking about getting nearly every day since he saw an ad for it a week or so ago.  This coffee is EXCITING.

Speaking of exciting, Chris has started to fantasize about what he’s going to eat when non-dieting life resumes after the contest.  At one point, he told me he’s going to go to McDonald’s and eat a giant burger and fries.  I will bet money that this will never happen. He also told me about some food fantasy involving a six egg omelet.  And he talks about pizza a lot.  We have some gooood conversations these days…

Switching topics, Chris is sometimes spacey, but still cheery, and last weekend, at his friend’s wedding, he shocked us all with this extreme display of energy:


Is that Chris?! (amazing photo courtesy of Chris’s friend, Drew)

Perhaps the pocket protein bars and wedding chicken, which he spent several minutes explaining how he needed cooked as boring as possible please, fueled him up for this.


Protein bars: the new pocket handkerchief

Fourteen days.  We’re almost there.  

Cape Cod

Last week, Chris and I vacationed on Cape Cod.  We stayed at my grandpa’s house where there is food for eating.  Also, Cape Cod has grocery stores.  We DID NOT stay at a reclusive settlement in the woods where this is no civilization or access to nourishment.  I mention this because Chris packed the following:


Protein Bar Cooler (SEVEN boxes!)


Yogurt and Chicken Cooler (that is a full size cooler jammed with yogurt and chicken)

He also brought a large bag of almonds, an oatmeal cylinder, and peanut butter (not pictured).

After the week was over, Chris said to me, “Hm, I think I only ate Greek yogurt, almonds, chicken, oatmeal, peanut butter, and protein bars all week.”  Yes, hm Chris, wonder how that happened…  (In the interest of accurate reporting, I must write that he did eat broccoli one night but other than that it was a pure sextafood week).

Chris is about 8 weeks away from his competition.  He hasn’t had any more hypoglycemic episodes but he is definitely lacking energy.  On Cape Cod, I like to bike and swim and generally do active things outdoors.  As I like Chris and want to hang out with him, I encouraged (read: pressured) him to do these things with me.

One day we went for a bike ride.  Chris is making me mention that it was a twenty-one mile (emphasis from Chris) bike ride but it was a leisurely ride by some ponds and we took breaks; young children biking near us seemed to be handling the ride just fine.


Looking Good


Riding well…

When we got to a pond near the end of the ride where I was looking forward to swimming, Chris rolled up a towel and proceeded to sleep for 40 minutes.


And crashing.

Later in the week, he did “swim” with me in a pond by flopping around in a bright yellow inner tube.


Chris and large yellow inner tube

He was concerned that the cold water and physical exertion of swimming would exhaust him so he hung out in his tube.

One day we kayaked.  Chris looked awesome kayaking.  Which brought me to a key life question: Did his beauty in a kayak make all his yogurt and lethargy worth it?


Chris, professional kayaker

Along with the activities I made him do outdoors with me, Chris kept up his regular workout schedule and, while he was lacking in energy at times, he never opted out of activity participation and was actually generally very cheerful.  He did tell me though that he is looking forward to going back to Cape Cod when he is not preparing for a contest so he can join me in one of Cape Cod’s other great activities:  ice cream eating.


This is a man who did not eat ice cream on vacation…but who is looking forward to the next vacation when he can :)












The Journey: So Much Yogurt

We made it.  I am writing this from our new home:  a hotel in Westborough, Massachusetts.  We’ve been busy.

Last Saturday, we dumped everything we own into a UHaul.  It is so good that Chris is strong.


Extra large UHaul box that Lindy can’t even lift needs to be carried out?  No problem for muscle man.

Like really, those muscles aren’t just for show.


“Oh, the dresser needs to be moved? Let me just pick up the whole thing myself, while it is still packed with clothes, and carry it outside.  Yeah, I wear my sunglasses indoors.” – Chris

I was totally impressed by Chris’s moving skills.  Not only was he able to manhandle dressers and hefty boxes but, in a grand feat of mental tetris, he perfectly fit all our stuff into the UHaul.


The UHaul Tetris champion

Sunday morning, Chris awoke at 5 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Sunday morning, I awoke at 6 am, groaning, as this was still one hour prior to our agreed upon waking time, but Chris had returned caffeinated from McDonalds and was joyfully bustling about the apartment.

After returning our friend Jeremy’s air mattress, we were on the road by 7:45 am, me in my Corolla and Chris in the perfectly packed UHaul, for what was supposed to be an 8 hour drive to my parents’ house in St. Louis.  We hit a torrential rainstorm around Tulsa, the city with highways perpetually under construction, and had to drive turtle-like because we couldn’t see the road and there was absolutely nowhere to pull off.  This was the least fun driving of the entire trip.

Chris’s plan for the trip was to eat large amounts of Fage Greek yogurt.  Large amounts.  As in, four tubs a day dispersed throughout his first four meals of the day.  The last meal of the day was supposed to be several Pure Protein bars.  He had made this plan a few weeks ago and figured this was the easiest way to hit his macros while traveling.

When we were finally able to pull over, after Torrential Tulsa, at the first rest stop in Missouri, Chris breathlessly informed me that 1) at this moment he would pay $10,000 for movers to come and drive the UHual for him through the super narrow construction lanes and never-ending torrential downpour and 2) he had gotten so hungry during the downpour that he had deviated from the plan and consumed protein bars instead of yogurt as yogurt would have required pulling over to eat and, as stated previously, we were unable to pull over.  Stupid Torrential Tulsa.

We made it to my parents house that night in 9 hours.  Chris sprinted and I repeatedly ran at my “fast” speed up a hill near their house for our workouts.  For dinner that night, my mom made tacos.  Chris enjoyed the Greek yogurt.  (And almonds.)


Does his putting the yogurt on a normal dinner plate make this less or more weird of him?  Also, what a fine drinking glass the gentleman dines with!

Monday, after a firm discussion Sunday night, Chris awoke very quietly at 6 am while I slept peacefully until 7 am.  On this, day two of our journey, we drove 13 hours to Durkin, New York.  Although it rained most the day, it wasn’t Torrential Tulsa so it was much less stressful and everyone was able to eat their yogurt…while sitting in their UHauls…at gas stations.


This is probably what all the other truckers were eating.  Fage (pronounced “Fa-hay” I believe) is really all they sell in truck stops these days….

Our goal that day was to make it to Erie, PA.  However, Chris is a limit pusher.  So of course, if our goal was to make it to Erie, PA, we were not going to spend that night in Erie, PA (never mind that there were 8 different nice looking hotels right off the highway to choose from and it was still light out as we drove through Erie, PA). We were tougher than those wusses needing to stop at Erie, PA.  We were going to push past Erie, PA…into the abyss.

The abyss turned out to be Durkin -located one hour of dark, windy, deer-infested road past Erie and giving us the joy of paying $20 of New York hotel taxes.  But we beat our goal.  Erie, PA was like competing at 6% body fat but with Durkin, we were at 3%!  You won Chris! ……


A full-size cooler and a sidekick cooler were brought inside each night.

On Tuesday, Chris allowed me to sleep what he claimed was a bit more although it didn’t really count because we had just crossed over into the Eastern time zone and I had announced before bed that, since it was just us keeping a schedule with each other, we didn’t have to act like we were on Eastern time yet and we could still pretend we were on central time; I could sleep more if we didn’t switch over! But he disregarded my logical wishes and woke me up.  Which brings me to something that needs to be discussed:  Chris always needs about 30 minutes less sleep than I do, but when he’s dieting, he needs much less sleep.  We have spent hours hypothesizing reasons for the diet-induced sleep reductions and there is no clear answer other than that many physiological changes (hormonal, cardiovascular, body compositional, etc.) are clearly occurring and these influence sleep.  Anyway, his lack of needing sleep is probably my least favorite part of the whole contest prep thing.  I suppose I’ll survive.  He did carry the dressers.

Tuesday afternoon we drove through beautiful parts of New York and Massachusetts and around 5:30 pm arrived at our current hotel home.


Our hotel kitchen packed with bodybuilder food

The first thing we did after getting to the hotel was to find a grocery store where Chris bought foods other than yogurt.  He only ate four tubs of it a day for 3 full days…why did he need something different?


Yogurt cooler (those are all 2 serving tubs).

We went to a Gold’s gym affiliated with our hotel after the grocery store Tuesday night.  We did not go to the pre-selected Worcester gym that Chris had been excited about because we could not bear the idea of driving much and, well, because the Gold’s was free.

Wednesday and today we’ve been apartment hunting.  There were some anguished moments where we decided we should just go back to Oklahoma and commute each day by airplane, but tonight we’ve got it narrowed down to two good choices:  an ancient baby carriage factory (renovated, fortunately) with a short commute or a condo on a mountainside with a longer commute.  The ancient baby carriage factory is farther from fun things but closer to work and the mountainside condo is farther from work but closer to fun things.  The mountainside condo is also close to the gym that Chris was initially excited about.  Also, it’s not really on a mountainside; it’s just partway up one of the steepest hills I have ever seen in my life (scared-my-car-might-go-vertical-and-flip-over-backwards steep).

We’ve also been gym hunting.  In the last two days, we’ve visited eight apartments and five gyms.  (If we live in the ancient baby carriage factory, the gym Chris found online will be too far away).  It does look like the gym situation will work out too.


Chris on Wednesday morning wondering if we should just commute to work by airplane from Oklahoma and give up the apartment hunting

In other news, Chris’s weight is down to 199 lbs and he’s looking leaner.  Despite the stress of living in a hotel and deciding big things like where we’ll live and what gym we’ll go to, he’s doing well. During previous contest preps, when things started getting intense, Chris’s robotic instincts increased and his sense of humor decreased.  Fortunately, right now, his sense of humor is fully intact.  Today we were being shown an apartment in what the realtor promised us was a “nice area;” when we left the showing and were alone in my car, Chris could barely keep it together.  I asked why he was laughing and he told me, “I’m about 95% sure I just saw a drug deal go down on the corner from the window of the “nice area” apartment we were just shown.”  When I asked how he knew, he described the body language he saw, and confidently told me, “I’ve watched a lot of Nat Geo drug busts and I’m pretty sure that’s how these things go down.”  Later we saw an intact toilet sitting on the balcony of another “nice” apartment we were being shown.  Chris also laughed at this.

Life with my bodybuilder, even in a hotel far away from the familiar, is good.