The Day Before Show #2

As this second show is only about an hour’s drive from our apartment, we are leaving for the show tomorrow morning.  Chris has his bags packed and food organized and we are ready.

There are 30 professional men’s bodybuilding competitors at this show, something like 10 professional women’s bodybuilders, and a gazillion bikini and figure competitors so the show is supposed to take all day.  It’s on the UMass Amherst campus and the show promoters sent Chris an email saying that this weekend is UMass homecoming so alumni may be around popping their heads into the auditorium; that should be interesting.

Chris woke up this morning weighing 187 lbs.  It is kind of crazy that he’s still losing weight. As I’ve stated many, many times before, he looks so lean.


That’s him in a side chest pose and a farmer’s tan.

Today was a much calmer day before the show than last time.  Chris’s plan was to calmly get things ready for tomorrow and to focus on relaxing.  He was doing well staying calm until I left to run an errand and when I returned he was out-of-it and not talking much and clearly agitated and when I asked what was going on (assuming he must be getting stressed about tomorrow) he told me he was working on addressing reviewer comments to a paper he’d submitted and I told him that was the most ridiculous thing to do ever the day before a big bodybuilding show when you weigh 187 and have stated that your objective on this day is “to relax” so then he said something like, “Oh right, addressing reviewer comments on papers is stressful!  Thanks for reminding me of that!” and then he stopped addressing the reviewer comments.  He spent the rest of the day watching “Pumping Iron” and ESPN jabber, and lying flat on his back in bed, which is what he is doing at this moment.

And because it’s Friday night and it’s looking like it’ll be a me-and-my-laptop kinda night, as Chris is still lying flat on his back in bed, I decided to compose a short poem:

Twas the night before the second show

Of men cut like sculptures in galleries.

The lean, yet massive, creature was not stirring

Because he needed more calories.


Tomorrow is the big day

The day he will compete

And we cannot wait for tomorrow

Because finally, lots of food, he will eat.




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    1. Lindy Post author

      Glad you like it :) Chris says “thanks!” (He is awake now and eating oatmeal currently).

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