The Gym Comes First in a Cross-Country Move

This Sunday we leave Oklahoma to move to Massachusetts.

Chris (still in Florida) called last night to let me know that he has called a gym in central Massachusetts and has confirmed that both the joining fee and the monthly membership fee listed on their website are accurate.

We do not have an apartment yet in central Massachusetts.

We do not know what city we will live in, only that it will be in central Massachusetts.

We do not know what hotel we will stay at while we search for apartments in central Massachusetts.

However, now, we DO have a gym in central Massachusetts.

I’m so glad everything is settled.

In all honesty, I love that Chris looked into the gym situation already.  Both of us get cranky when we don’t get our workouts in, so, even if we don’t commit to this gym forever, it’s nice to know it’ll be there waiting for us after we’re cramped and achy from driving for 3 days across the country.  I also feel relieved that the rates are not astronomical.  After living in the midwest my whole life, I’ve been assuming that everything in the northeast will cost more than I can even imagine (online comparative cost of living calculators are terrifying when you’re moving from Oklahoma to Massachusetts) so it’s a big relief that gym fees appear reasonable.

Aside from not being able to afford life, another concern we have of central Massachusetts is just how cold is it going to get.  I know it gets very cold, but how cold is very cold? (Yes we’ve looked it up online but what will it feel like and what will we need to do differently in daily life?)  When I tell Oklahomans that I am moving to Massachusetts, the standard response is, “Wow.  It’s cold there,” followed by some good wishes for us to find a sturdy igloo and some nice sled dogs and to mind we don’t mess with the polar bears.

Supporting the igloo / sled-dog / polar bear possibility are the following findings I have made after extensively examining way too many apartments on the central Massachusetts section of Craig’s List:

1)  Most apartments listed have window unit AC.  Everyone knows window unit AC is poop.  Is window unit AC alright in central MA because no one actually turns on their AC?  (Or maybe it’s mandated by the polar bears?)

2)  The apartments appear to utilize an entirely different heating system than any I have ever seen in the midwest.  On Craig’s List, there is talk of “forced water” and “oil not included in rent” and there are pictures of humongous floor vents (will my feet soon be covered in floor vent burns?) and long covered rectangular boxes near to the floor that I assume are heat emitting devices.  How cold is it that they need an otherworldly heating system of water forced into rectangular boxes by oil spewing from floor vents (because I assume that’s how the system all fits together) to handle it?  Do polar bears come up through the floor vents?

The cost of living calculator says we can’t afford polar bear protection…

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

To conclude, here are some things Chris has eaten this week (photos courtesy of his mom again):


Oatmeal, eggs, and coffee


Looks like normal-person casual cocktail sauce but Chris knows the weight in grams of that condiment


Greek yogurt and almonds

Only a matter of time until the restaurants catch on to this delightful combo





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  1. Kim

    Good luck with the move! I am from upstate NY and yes, it is cold, and no, not too many people need to use air conditioners because summer is about 2 months long. 😉

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