The Mind-Control Diet

I post when something weird happens and I’m inspired to write.  Recently, there hasn’t been much weirdness.  This is good for life, bad for blog writing.

Chris is still dieting for his powerlifting meet in November.  He’s perfectly on track to be 205 lb the day of the meet.

His diet approach has been fascinating in a way:  he basically decided he wants to lose about 0.5 to 1 lb per week and that is exactly how much he is losing.  He IS NOT TRACKING MACROS. The phone app he was using, the one that revealed to me that he was on a secret diet, is no longer being used.  He isn’t even spreadsheeting it.  (By “it” of course I refer only to his macros. His weight and a complex workout plan are spreadsheeted; one cannot survive as Chris without complex spreadsheets.)  So his current diet, as I observe it, is simply to will himself to lose weight.

When I pressed Chris for the details of the mind-control diet, he explained that he is doing “high carb” days on weekends and less carbs during the week but, as a regularly observer of his eating habits over the past several years, I cannot discern how what he is doing now is much different from how he eats when he is not losing weight.  He did have the weird non-cake birthday cake back in August, but since then, he’s eating pizza and cheesecake (among other foods).  He is also 100% energized, sleeping like a normal human, and generally well.  I bring this up only because during bodybuilding diets he is maybe 20% energized, barely sleeps, and is generally strange.  He is not misreading the scale as he does truly look like he’s lost weight.  Thus, willing the fat to go away appears to be an effective approach for him for this relatively minor weight loss.  In our published case study of him, we neglected to look for this neural-metabolic connection.  I will have to let Chris know that we must soon dissect him to search for this pathway.

And that’s it for the update.  Sorry for the lack of photos.  You can’t photograph mind-control.

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