Thursday of Peak Week

Our friend Jeremy is here!!!  The show is SO close now.

During Chris’s previous shows, Jeremy wore a bathrobe.  The bathrobe is supposed to be wizard-cape like to represent Chris, “The Wizard of Fahs.”  At Chris’s first show ever, we wrote “The Wizard of Fahs” on the bathrobe after hastily buying it at a local Walmart.  Chris has saved this bathrobe.  It moved with us from Illinois to Oklahoma to Massachusetts. In anticipation of Jeremy’s arrival today, Chris laid out the bathrobe, ready for a good wearing on Saturday.  (Jeremy probably really hates the bathrobe by now but now feels pressure to always wear it; note there is old tanner on the bottom of the robe from a previous show. Ew.)


Chris also bought Jeremy a pumpkin pie.


So that’s a thing I guess; come visit for a bodybuilding show, get a pumpkin pie.

Tomorrow we leave for Cape Cod around noon.  It is time!

3 thoughts on “Thursday of Peak Week

  1. Kathi

    Wishing Chris all the best in the competition. I am sure the “robe” will bring luck. Tom and I plan on wearing our “Team Fahs”/”Wizard of Fahs” t-shirts, from 2011, on Saturday! Be with you in spirit. Go Chris!!

    1. Lindy Post author

      I LOVE it! Please take a picture of you two and send it :) I passed on your message to Chris.

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