Today’s Lunch Process

Today I took some pictures while Chris made his standard lunch.

Ingredients for a scrumptious mid-day meal

Ingredients for a scrumptious mid-day meal

On our office shelf (yes, Chris and I share an office) there is Equal, double chocolate whey, oatmeal, and peanut butter.  (Note the two oatmeal cylinders.  I believe this is to prevent the catastrophe of last Friday when we ran out of oatmeal from re-occurring.  And yes, last Friday was before contest prep even began.  A lack of oatmeal, however, is, of course, always highly upsetting).

You’ll also notice the food scale in front of the food-stuffs.  I gave Chris this scale for Christmas last year.  Finding the perfect food scale among the plethora of options out there was hard work.  This scale was selected for a) it’s units of measure 2) it’s portability 3) it’s ability to be zeroed 4) it’s detachable display option should a bowl hang over the display and obscure it and 5)  it’s ability to go into the negatives (as in, to register a weight of -50 grams) which is something I never considered could be desirable until my aforementioned friend Jeremy told me that the best way to measure something like peanut butter is to put the jar on the scale, zero the scale, and then remove the desired amount of peanut butter; this is much easier than trying to take the peanut butter out of the jar and put it goopily on the scale itself or on a plate or something.  Cool huh?

The scale I chose was acceptable to Chris and he now brings it back and forth every day from work to home and home to work.  He transports it in its original packing material (see below).  I won’t write anything more right now about the original packing material issue other than to say that he has an arguably pathological obsession with saving original boxes of everything.  (There may be a future literary exploration (read: impassioned rant) on that topic.

The scale in its carrying case

The scale in its carrying case

So back to today’s lunch.  On the counter in the office, the oatmeal was first carefully measured, water was added, and then the oatmeal was microwaved.  Next, whey, Equal, and peanut butter were added.

Chef Moritmoto has nothing on this guy

Chef Morimoto has nothing on this guy

Finally, the mixture was stirred vigorously and the masterpiece had been created!

Wow!  Serve me up a bowl of that!

Wow! Serve me up a bowl of that!

It was then time for the master chef to dine elegantly on his creation.

Elegant dining

Elegant dining.  I like that he didn’t even take his hand off the mouse when he knew I was going to take the picture.  Perhaps having your lunch preparation photographed while you are dieting is irksome and by the time you’re ready to eat you’re just done with dealing with the photographer (in spite of her stunning beauty and intelligence)?  No way.

Before I leave you for today, I must correct a grievous mistake I made in yesterday’s post.  Chris informed me, after reading my post, that he is not switching his squatting routine from 5 x 5 to 5 x 10 but rather from 5 x 5 to 10 x 5.  I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused and I will strive for the highest level of accuracy in all future blog posts.



5 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Process

  1. Lindy's dad

    “the lateral conjervature of the cervicalular fibula”

    Clearly a Dave Barry influence.

  2. Carolyn Hetrick

    What’s the purpose of the equal? Just to sweeten? And how do you guys feel about other calories free sweeteners….Splenda, stevia, etc? Thanks!

    1. Lindy Post author

      Yes, just to sweeten. Chris says he started using Equal because that’s what I used to use. I actually usually use Splenda now b/c I like the taste a tiny bit better. Chris says he likes Splenda the best but says that he still buys Equal b/c it is cheaper. (As you know, he goes through a lot more food than me including sweeteners so this makes sense I guess). I’ve never tried Stevia. I’m interested in it but I’ve heard it’s expensive.

      1. Carolyn Hetrick

        Thanks Lindy! I actually like Splenda best too. I bought stevia recently because I had heard it was more “natural”…..whatever that means. I’m always a little worried about the whole artificial sweeteners causing cancer thing. It makes me feel better that you guys use splenda. You two are some of the smartest people i know! When I finish the bag of stevia I’ll be going back to Splenda. It tastes better :-)

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