Tuesday of Peak Week

I was emailed my Chris-made itinerary for the weekend today.  “Can’t enjoy a weekend without an itinerary,” I always say.

I actually do like itineraries.  This one includes exact times for traveling, putting tanner on Chris, and meals.  As it’s important to time his eating and tanner-ing (we basically paint his entire body shiny-brown), and the day of the show Chris will have a lot to think about, I’m glad that he planned things out now so I know what’s up when.  We have a specific time to get to Cape Cod on Friday, a specific time on Saturday morning to go to Dunkin’ Donuts (yes, seriously, this is part of his planned pre-contest food), and a specific time to get to the bodybuilding show.  That’s right:  we’ll see the show of BB(-ers) on CC after we go to DD.  (Then Chris will Eat Excessively of Fried Food, Going “Gobble,” with Humongous Handfuls, and yes, I’m incredible).

I just went in the cabinet to check the status of that giant bag of Reese’s that Chris bought on Sunday morning.  None have been eaten yet.



But they have been put in this plastic bag.  (That is them in the bright orange poking out of the bag).  I’m not sure if the bag is to keep all “day of show food” together or if it is intended to keep anyone else who lives in the apartment who might maybe want to eat his Reese’s away from them.  He’ll probably tell me it’s to keep the food together but then why did he put the bag on the very top shelf where I cannot reach…

While in the cabinet looking for Reese’s, I also noticed that we now have 6 cylinders of oatmeal.


Good to have one for both Chris and me and each of our four children.

We don’t have four children.

Or any children.

I have no idea why we have 6 cylinders of oatmeal.  Maybe he is eating a cylinder a day until the show?  Gross.

And that’s about it for Tuesday-before-the-show updates.

(And no, I didn’t actually eat any of his Reese’s.  You think I’m crazy?  You do not take food from contest-prepping bodybuilders.)