Wednesday of Peak Week

Today Chris weighs 191.6 lbs.  When we started this contest prepping journey ~6 months ago, he weighed 218 lbs.  Bet you wish you could see that graphically don’t you?  Chris has got you covered:

Bodyweight graph 3 days out


His last show was in 2011.  Thus, we have a red line showing us his body weight during the 2011 prep and a blue line showing us his body weight during the current prep.

Interesting to note that in 2013, this prep, he started at a lower weight and has now reached a lower weight. We can both tell he’s leaner than he’s ever been right now.  We also both agree that this prep has affected him more (physically, emotionally, mentally) than any other prep. It’s hard to say whether this being his hardest prep is due to his extreme leanness or to unrelated life stresses such as moving across the country and starting a new job. Fortunately, he still feels well enough to make graphs and send them to me.  Along with the body weigh graphs, some nice graphs of his step counts were emailed to me this morning.  (If he is ever too fatigued to make graphs and send them to me, then I will worry about him).

Daily Step Count Graph

Chris’s Daily Step Count Graph


Chris’s Weekly Step Count Graph

Chris’s Monthly Step Count Graph

I believe the major peaks we see in the step counts are due to a conference we attended back in May, our move in August, and the walking required by his new job in September.  Also, I must point out the obvious, that, to have a daily step count graph from the last six months means that Chris wore his pedometer every single day for the last six months.  I wonder if it smells.

So how is Chris doing on Wednesday of Peak Week?  About 20 minutes ago, we had the following conversation:

Me (noticing dark circles around Chris’s gaunt eye sockets):  You look exhausted.

Chris (looking off into nothingness):  I am exhausted.  (beat)  But overall I feel really good! Hey, can you take pictures of me in my posing trunks?

And that’s that.

Tomorrow our friend Jeremy from Oklahoma is coming to visit (and we are SO excited about seeing him!!), Friday we leave for Cape Cod, and Saturday is the show.  Here we go.