When a Bodybuilder and his Fiance First Move to Massachusetts: A List of Key Events

So much to tell!  After we left the extended stay hotel last Tuesday, we were internet-less until yesterday so now that we’re internet-complete, I’ve gotta write some stuff.

A list best tells our tale.  A list of the most exciting / funniest / most interesting things that have happened to Chris and I (and that I can remember at the moment) since we’ve moved to MA. These are in no particular order (other than the order in which I thought of them tonight).

1)  Chris actually joined that gym.  Remember the picture of the dank basement with cracking concrete and bars lying around?  Yeah, he joined that.


THIS gym

He really likes it there.  It takes him seven minutes to walk up a very steep hill to get there.  He says he really enjoys walking to the gym and had not realized previously how frustrated he got with traffic on his way to and from the gym.  (Note:  Our previous gym, in Norman, Oklahoma was a four minute drive away…but traffic is traffic…?)  He also really likes that the owner is a natural bodybuilder just like him!  They bond.

For reasons I will not go into, I did not join this gym.  This is the first time in four years that Chris and I have worked out at separate gyms.  Who will criticize my squats?!

2) On Monday, Chris and I spent ninety minutes (not bad) at the MA registry of motor vehicles in order to pay $100 each (!) for driver’s licenses.  They gave us pieces of paper to serve as temporary licenses and promised to mail the real licenses in 5 days.  Today, when we went to open a credit union account, the man helping us looked at Chris’s temporary license and said, “Oh, is your name really ‘Christoper’?”  To which Chris said, “Uh, what?” and the man showed Chris his new driver’s license which, yes, does say “Christoper.”  No “h”.  “Chris-to-per.”

It gets better.

When Chris then called the RMV to tell them that his name was not really “Christoper,” the woman on the phone said with great surprise, “So, you’re trying to tell me that there are TWO “h’s” in there?!” and Chris said, “uh, yes,” and then the woman made him spell it.

Because no one else in this country is named Christopher.

Eventually, he did get his second “h” back. A new license should be arriving shortly.

I can’t be too hard on the RMV’s misspelling.  They only had his old driver’s license, his birth certificate, his social security card, and our lease to look at to get the correct spelling of his name…

Also, until he gets his correct ID, I will be calling him “Christoper” and I encourage all others to do the same.

3)  There is a moose crossing sign on the highway near where we live.  Moose!  And that’s all I need to say about that one.


Are moose crossing here frequently?! Could there be moose on the sidewalk outside my apartment waiting to charge?!

4)  The same highway also has two of the sign below:


Um…  so it’s basically saying, “Danger! Sunrise!”?

5)  After we opened a checking account at the local credit union, we were given credit union monogrammed ice scrapers. Ice scrapers!  Might as well give me polar bear defensive spray and crampons while you’re at it, credit union.  Speaking of, did you know that you are required to get a permit to carry a defensive spray (such as “pepper”) in MA?  Interesting factoid!

6)  Chris and I went to a Red Sox game.  It was really, really fun.  Yes, Chris ate Greek yogurt in the parking garage before the game.  Yes, you can see a picture of it.


One day all these pictures of Chris eating yogurt will be part of the famous “Lindy’s Yogurt Pictures” series, just wait.

He also brought many protein bars in his cargo shorts’ pockets into the game.

To summarize, Fenway Park has a gazillion vendors selling everything imaginable; Chris ate a pre-game barrel of yogurt and mid-game protein bars.

7)  We unloaded the U-Haul and moved into our apartment in 4.5 hours.  This was exhausting.  Chris’s pedometer that day read approximately 25,000 steps.  If 10,000 steps is roughly 5 miles, 25,000 steps is close to  half marathon distance.  And we were going upstairs.  And carrying things.  Heavy things.  So. Many. Heavy. Things.


The man knows how to SWEAT!

Personally, I consumed a tremendous quantity of food that day and woke up the next day weighing less than I had the day we moved.  This attests to the caloric expenditure we performed during the move.


This was part of the aforementioned “tremendous quantity of food.”  (I ordered a “small” and this was what they gave me.  New England is awesome!!)

Chris, sticking to his diet plan, did not consume a tremendous quantity of food that day.  He helped me a little with the massive ice cream (I’m normally a staunch opponent of ice cream sharing but this was an unexpectedly humongous ice cream so he was allowed to help) but he couldn’t eat too much obviously.

That night Chris had crazy adrenaline energy and kept unpacking and organizing like a mad man many hours after I had called it quits and lay in bed contentedly text messaging.  Chris eventually slept and was doing well until around 2 pm the next day.  That’s when we went to the library, and he crashed.

I’d never seen him crash like this before.  He came over to me while I was on the library computer (he’d been in a different area) and told me quietly that he was going to leave and go to Subway for food.  Subway was not in the food plan for the day.  Contest-Preparation Chris(toper) does not change his food plan mid-day.  Something was very wrong.  When I asked Chris, “Are you OK?” He said, “I don’t know. I’ve never felt like this before”.  I hurriedly signed off the computer and we left the library.

Luckily, our apartment is as close to the library as the Subway is so we were able to get home quickly and feed him.  Once he ate, he was fine.  For the rest of the day, he felt fine.  So fine in fact that, later in the day, he walked up the big hill to the gym, did a heavy squat workout, and felt great.

“Just a little hypoglycemia earlier I guess, haha, all better now, guess I maybe should have eaten a little more yesterday after moving, yep, guess maybe that half marathon I walked up stairs while carrying intensely heavy things like fully-packed dressers did take a bit out of me. Who would have thought?  Feel good now though!”  And that’s Chris for you.  He’s been fine ever since.

That’s it for the official key events of the last week or so that I remember right now.  More key events to come in future posts.  (Also, I’m going to have to write a whole post about that gym of Chris’s some day…)